“I have worked with Evelyna on several multilingual projects, where her translations and comments were used as a quality measure for the whole project. She is one of those few translators who has a true understanding of the subjects she works with and an accurate feeling for the audiences the documents addresses, so all of her translations are in reality also cultural localisations.”

Lars Høj, Lingtech, Denmark

“We’ve only been working with Evelyna for about a year, but she has definitely become our absolute top choice for Bulgarian translations. We’ve gotten truly excellent feedback so far (one proofreader even offers us a reduced rate if Evelyna did the translation!!), and as mentioned, working with her is wonderfully refreshing since she follows directions, responds promptly to queries, and always has a professional and positive attitude.”

Rachel Splan, BioMedical Translations, Modesto, CA

“I hired Evelyna to be the senior translator on our in-house translation team to produce a French version of the Cohen Commission’s final report. This was a huge project with very tight timelines and a complex and difficult subject matter. And we didn’t make it easy on her, with translation needing to start before the English version was completed and changes in the English text constantly having to be taken into account.

Evelyna set up our systems, supervised all our other translators and editors, managed workflow, set editorial standards and maintained them, and kept everyone on schedule. It was grueling, but thanks to her diligence and hard work, we managed to produce a French version not just on time, but to produce a version that meets strong standards for French language.

I would work with her again anytime. She is bright and talented and was fun to work with, even after everything I put her through.”

Carla Shore, Director of Communications, Cohen Commission of Inquiry

“I have finally had the time to look at your French version of your publication Anti­depressant Skills @ Work. As a Francophone who has to review systematically the docu­ments we get translated through our Employee Assistance Program, I want to express my sin­cere appreciation of the quality of the docu­ment. As your English version was so good, I was hoping the French would be equally well written, accessible and user-friendly. It is.

My congratulations to those who produced the original version and the French translation.”

A Senior EAP Advisor at the Canada Revenue Agency
Forwarded by a delighted client