Why not let the bilingual intern translate it?

Translation is a skilled craft requiring more than fluency in two (or more) languages. Translators are language specialists, with well-developed writing skills in their target language. They have a thorough knowledge of the terminology, style and usage of the fields they translate. They have extensive resources (dictionaries, glossaries, reference books) and know how to use them efficiently. Last but not least, they have a very good understanding of the subject matter they translate.

A poor translation may cost you a sale. It will also reflect negatively on your image. You may not always understand the exact message conveyed in the foreign language, or be aware of its cultural implications. However, your readers, your correspondents, your potential customers will. You may not be aware of all the subtleties of the language or of the customs of the new international market you are targeting. A skilled language professional will guide you and help you avoid cultural missteps.

You would not entrust your firm’s legal matters to none other than your lawyer.
You should not entrust the translation of your documents to none other than your professional translator.